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The "koovine" brand was founded in 2004. The headquarter of koovine Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is established in Kunshan. It is a well-known comprehensive environmental protection service company in China. It is a comprehensive environmental protection company wholly owned by Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shenergy Group and Shenzhen Main Board listed company Zhonghe Technology. Business scope covers municipal and industrial Wastewater treatment, volatile organic gas (VOCs) treatment, solid waste treatment, comprehensive improvement of regional environment and other environmental protection fields. Especially in petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, coking It has been deeply cultivated in the field of industrial wastewater treatment for many years and has a great reputation. The company has the capabilities of technical consulting, R&D and design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, investment and operation.


公司旗下拥有多家全资子公司,与国内知名高校合作建立省级水处理工程技术研究院,并在江西萍乡建立了标准化生产基地。公司凭借“产业+技术+融资平台”的多元化运作模式,承接多种建设模式(EPC/BT/BOT/PPP 等) 的环保项目。本着“创新、品质、开拓”的理念,通过开发及应用国内领先、国际先进的具有自主知识权的技术和产品,持续创新,打造精品工程,提供卓越的产品和服务,在更广阔的领域中担当起社会责任,成为世人信赖的健康环境守护者。

The company has a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries, cooperated with well-known domestic universities to establish a provincial water treatment engineering technology research institute, and established a standardized production base in Pingxiang, Jiangxi. Relying on the diversified operation mode of "industry + technology + financing platform", the company undertakes environmental protection projects in a variety of construction modes (EPC/BT/BOT/PPP, etc.). Based on the concept of "innovation, quality, and development", through the development and application of domestic and internationally advanced technologies and products with independent knowledge rights, we will continue to innovate, create high-quality projects, and provide excellent products and services in a broader field. China assumes its social responsibilities and becomes a trusted guardian of the healthy environment.



Koovine has gathered a group of experts with rich experience in refractory industrial sewage treatment system and sewage comprehensive utilization system. The company has a remarkable reputation because of a large number of successful project cases in the filed of RO concentrated water treatment, high concentration and alkaline sewage treatment, advanced sewage treatment and reform for the new standards, refractory industrial sewage treatment ,such as caprolactam waste water, phenol and acetone wastewater, acrylonitrile waste water, and comprehensive treatment of urban sewage, ecological comprehensive treatment and sponge city. The company has many core technologies with independent intellectual property right, such as internal circulation BAF technology(registered trademark: IRBAF), ozone catalytic oxidation technology, COBR technology (registered trademark: COBR-kh), efficient biological nitrogen removal technology, hexavalent iron technology, inorganic ceramic membrane technology, efficient composite water cleaning agent technology, environmental dredging “Watermaster”, and so on. A total of 42 national inventions and utility model patents have been applied.



Koovine has repeatedly tackled key problems of provincial major science and technology projects, and won the Provincial Major New Product Certificate and Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Award. It has passed the certifications of ISO9001:2000 Quality System, ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System and OHSA18001:2007 Occupational Safety Management System, and it is a high and new technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province, a private science and technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province, “Little Technology Giant Enterprise”in Kunshan City, a Provincial-level Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise in Energy-saving and Emission-reduction and a key protection unit of intellectual property right. The company was rated as“Science and Technology Research and Development Center of Kunshan City”, “Enterprise Technology Center of Kunshan City”. It has close cooperation with some well-known institutes of research and design, colleges and universities, and established R&D institutes such as “Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co-innovation Research and Development Center of Koovine&Soochow University”to research new technologies, develop new products, and evaluate engineering scheme experiments. The company provides integrated solutions and process designs for the relevant sewage treatment in the industries of oil extraction, oil refining and chemical, coal chemical, steel, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, paper making, Municipal, and so on.



The company is a qualified supplier of Sinopec, CNOOC and CNPC. It has undertaken more than 100 sewage treatment projects at home and aboard. In the ethylene alkali waste water treatment project with the capacity of 130,000 tons/year of CNPC Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, it applied advanced technology and realized breakthroughs in the engineering scale. In the refining and chemical waste water treatment upgrading project with the capacity of 5000m³/h of CNPC Jilin Petrochemical Company, it broke through the scale record of domestic chemical sewage treatment upgrading project at that time. While fully affirmed by users, it has also developed rapidly and become a comprehensive environmental protection company.



In 2005, took Soochow University as technology support and China Securities and UniTECC financing platforms, Koovine has formed industrial alliance and fully entered into the filed of sponge city, municipal water supply and drainage integration and sewage standards upgrading of industrial park.



Koovine is willing to work with all friends at home and aboard to build a more harmonious natural environment and greet the beautiful future of mankind together.